4 Tips to Make Your Roof More Valuable

Admit it or not, the only time most of us think about the condition of our roof is when we experience terrible weather, and our ceiling starts to leak. However, now is the time that you should be aware of and be interested in the value of your roof. Aside from protecting your home and loved ones, a high-quality and sturdy roof adds massive value to your home and can even increase its resale value if well taken care of. But how can you enhance the value of your roof? Here are four helpful tips that you can consider.

Keep it properly ventilated

Aside from keeping the rain, snow, and other harmful elements from entering our home, another essential function of a pitched roofing system is to create a space so that the hot air rising from the inside doesn’t get trapped under the rafters, which will damage our roof deck eventually. If there isn’t enough ventilation on your attic, the moisture can build up and will cause damage sooner than you expected. To get rid of this problem, make sure to keep your roofing system adequately ventilated with the help of professional roofing contractors.

Check your soffits and fascia regularly

Often ignored components of a home roofing system, but soffits and fascia play a vital role in protecting our home against harmful elements. If installed and maintained correctly, it also contributes to our home’s overall appearance. Soffits and fascia always work hand-in-hand together. A soffit board covers the ends of the rafters, while fascia, on the other hand, protects the space under the eaves. Not only that, but these two components also keep birds and vermin from getting inside your attic. You would know that your roofing system is not in good shape and is exposed to risks if your soffits and fascia are showing signs of abrasion. If you want to increase your roofing system’s value, to repair and replace these components is essential.Although not always necessary, replacing your roof before the warranty expires is a good move if you want to enhance its value. However, in some cases, especially those roofs that are exposed to hailstorms or falling branches, they maybe need to replaced sooner. If your roof’s warranty is near its end and you want to know if a replacement is needed or not, contacting your trusted professional roofers would be advantageous. These professionals will inspect and determine if you need to invest in new roofing right away.

Install Skylights

Not having enough natural light is a common problem for many homeowners. Natural light is essential, and its absence inside your home can make occupants feel dark and gloomy even in the middle of the summer season. By installing skylights, dark rooms, and other areas of your home can brighten up. Skylights also increase the value of your home. A worthy investment if you are planning to sell it in the future.

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How To Know If Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

As property owners, among the problems we face, are the tearing down, damage, and leaks on our roofs regardless of its material. We often wonder about the best approach in fixing the issue – if we should have it repaired or replaced. To make a wise decision on whether to spend money on roof repair or if it’s time to have a replacement, here are some of the factors you should consider. Your Roof’s Material The life span of your roofing system primarily depends on the type(steep-sloped, low-sloped) and material(polymer, asphalt, metal, etc. ) that is used. They use different ways to identify the problem and require different construction methods. Knowing and understanding your existing roof will help you make the best decision and plan accordingly.Your Roof’s Warranty Performing an independent repair on your roofing might cause the cancellation of its warranty. Most roofings that are under warranty require manufacturer-approved or certified contractors to perform inspections and repairs. It would be best if you take advantage of paying less or none at all while your roof’s warranty is still in effect. When the warranty ends, it’s now your discretion to either get a repair or replacement.Your Roof’s Maturity It might be difficult for you to determine if your roofing system already reached its maturity if you are living in a pre-owned home. But if you have ways of knowing how old is your existing roof, it would be easier for you to determine how long is the time left in its estimated service life. Knowing this information will also help you make the best judgment about whether to invest in a replacement or to perform a repair.Where is the Damage Located Knowing the location of your roof’s damage will also help you decide the best course of action to take. A few damages in some isolated parts of your roof only require repair. However, if the damage is located or affects a large area of your roofing, now that’s the time that you should consider a replacement. Buildings that are prone to severe weather conditions also require durable roofing; thus, replacement is what they need best.Look for Deep-Rooted Issues Sometimes hidden from our knowledge, there are underlying issues that make our roof more prone to damages. These include rainwater that sits on the settled section of low-sloped roofs or the ice build-ups during winter that melt and stays in the roofs for a very long time. Identifying such issues will help you decide which is the best solution – repair or replacement. If you need expert advice, feel free to contact us. We’d be more than glad to use our knowledge and expertise in helping you make the right choice.