How To Get A Winter-Ready Roof

Above all the seasons of the year, winter is when our roofs have to work so hard. The ice, snow, and freezing wind can take a toll on your roof. As our home’s first line of defense, we have to make sure that it is ready for the upcoming winter weather.

Making sure that your roof is winter-ready will help you feel at ease when the snow arrives. It will also save you from spending on expensive repairs and the worries that your roof can’t withstand the harsh weather. So how can you prepare your roof for the winter?

Inspect for weak spots

Performing an inspection can help you spot damages that require only a simple treatment instead of costly, painful damage that can affect your whole house during the cold winter weather. Check the inside and out of your building, and look for any tell-tale signs of wear – a missing tile, a moss on the ground, worn lead flashings, buckled shingles, and more. It is also essential to check the condition of your chimney and make sure the gutters are working properly.

If you find doing the inspection challenging to do, you can always rely on your local roofing contractors to perform your roof inspection. With their knowledge and experience, professional contractors can quickly spot problems right away. Most property owners find having an annual roofing inspection very helpful in maintaining the quality of their roofs. A few weeks before the winter season would be the ideal time to have your roofing checked, so you will have ample time to perform the needed repairs before the cold weather sets in.

Perform simple maintenance works

Late autumn, before the winter season starts, is the best time to perform some simple maintenance works, such as clearing your gutters to avoid water from backing up during the cold and wet weather. You can either powerwash or use an extended handle brush to sweep off the moss and organic growth from the roof. If you decide on power washing and you have to perform while at the top of your roof, make sure to check first for any damage that might endanger you. This damage might cause a more severe problem rather than fixing it. It is also vital to avoid performing maintenance works when the roof is wet. If you don’t have the confidence in undertaking the task, professional contractors can also perform the maintenance works for you and help you prepare your roof for the winter.

Your winter-ready roof checklist

Instead of pre-winter inspections and repairs, it is still best to keep your roofs in good condition throughout the year to avoid unsafe and problematic winter. By keeping it in its best shape, you will not only avoid costly repairs but will also keep your family safe at all times.
  • Make sure to have these done regularly
  • Perform gutter and downpipe cleanup
  • Inspect and seal flashings and pipes
  • Ensure that slates are stable
  • Sweep the debris off from your rooftopIf you need help in carrying out all the necessary steps to make your roof winter-ready, contact us right away. We are more than glad to help you spend a comfortable and peaceful winter with our comprehensive and reliable roof maintenance services.

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Autumn Checklist For Your Roof

In the summer, it’s easy to forget about your roof with warm sunny days we forget about potential damage to our home such as leaks, overflowing gutters, and lost shingles.

As autumn arrives it’s a good idea to finish all of the outside jobs before the cold weather sets in. Our autumn Checklist helps to ensure that you carry out all those end-of-the-year jobs that will help to protect your roof as we enter the colder seasons.

Foliage in your gutters

As the autumn leaves begin to fall windy weather can cause foliage to land on your roof and gutters. Foliage can cause a risk of a blockage in your gutters that could eventually cause an overflow and leak into your roof. Acting now and clearing out your gutters guarantees that your gutters are clean and blockage free.

roof repair autumn checklist

Chimney Flashing

Chimneys are a common source of leaks it’s important to check the flashing and make sure that it isn’t damaged. Vents should be investigated to make sure that the sealant isn’t cracking or peeling away. Any structure that penetrates through the roof and requires sealing to ensure that your roof doesn’t leak should be looked at it.

Broken Roof Tiles

The main issue with cracked roof tiles is the gap that is created allowing water to enter your roof. This can cause all types of damage, such as mold and mildew resulting in health hazards, damaged walls and ceilings, and damage to belongings.


Make sure your roof is free of moss. Not only does moss look bad but left on your roof it might damage your roof. Moss roots can actually lift shingles and moss tends to trap moisture, eventually rotting wood.

Roof Inspection

It’s always a good idea to have your roof inspected at least once a year. The cost of an annual inspection and preventative maintenance can save you thousands when compared to the costs of emergency repair and personal injury costs.

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