Chimney Restoration Stoke

A damaged chimney can harm your property and loved ones in many ways you can imagine. On the other hand, a well-maintained chimney will not only bring aesthetics to your home but can also increase its value. Hiring professional and experienced contractors to fix any problem that you encounter with your chimney is among the best ways to protect your investments.

If you are looking for a reputable business to take care of all your chimney repair needs, Low Cost Roofing is the best team to contact. We are a well-established business that has been providing top-notch repair services for domestic and commercial property owners in Stoke for many years.

For many years, Low Cost Roofing has always been the team that Stoke residents call on for their chimney installation and repair needs. We’ve been in the trade for so many years, helping thousands of property owners on tending damages and other problems with their chimneys. We have acquired all the knowledge and skills to assess, clean, and repair chimneys right on time the first time. Our chimney repair solutions guarantee client satisfaction all the time.

Among the most common chimney problems our team encounters are cracked flues and damaged masonry. These problems need to get right away before it causes a more severe and fatal issue. To ensure that we give the chimney’s much-needed fix, we conduct a comprehensive inspection before performing the repair. We got all the tools needed to safely and conveniently perform work in elevated heights. We adhere to the strict health and safety standards, and make sure to complete tasks on time.

Aside from chimney repairs, our team is also known for providing a wide variety of roofing services. We have roofing experts who ensure honest and dependable service in all kinds of roofing needs. We also offer an a long list of building services such as loft conversion, room extension, refurbishment, and many more. Our company is fully-insured, so you will be at peace, knowing your investment is in good hands. If you’d like to know more information about our chimney repair and other services, you may contact us at telephone numbers 07581 388 962 and 01782 929 153. You may also email your appointment requests and enquiries at