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Are you in need of chimney builders, or does your existing chimney at home needs cleaning and repair? No need to look further as Low Cost Roofing’s team of master chimney sweep, repair, and building contractors is here to provide you these services at prices you can afford.

Your family can be exposed to a lot of dangers if your chimney is built with poor quality. Instead of providing the comfort and warmth you need during the winter season, this highly flammable element in your house might cause fatal accidents and property damages if it’s not built correctly.

If you already have one properly installed, the need for a regular chimney sweep and inspection should not be neglected to ensure the safety of loved ones. Hiring top-skilled contractors will help you safeguard your property against chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning that could possibly happen if a blocked chimney flue fails to vent carbon monoxide.

At Low Cost Roofing, we have a team of skilled contractors who are experts in different types of jobs involving fireplaces and chimneys. We are among the leading chimney building and repair companies in the UK whose goal is to build comfortable and excellent-quality homes at affordable prices to everyone. We have a long list of clients around the Stafford, Stoke, and Crewe areas.

We’ve been in this trade for so long, and we have already fixed a vast list of open fires and chimney problems in the areas we cover. We always focus on chimney safety to ensure that we complete our job on time and with great results. We know how critical and vital all types of chimney works are. That is why we always keep a checklist to ensure that we don’t miss even the smallest detail of our job.

We have seen and fixed almost all types of chimney issues that anyone can encounter, and the quality of our chimney cleaning and repair services are second to none.

Our team is all pumped up to handle the following:

  • • Chimney cleaning
  • • Chimney inspection
  • • Chimney repair
  • • Chimney liner installation and repair
  • • Chimney cap installation and repair
  • • Fireplace and stove installation
  • • Water leakage inspection
  • • Waterproofing
  • • Chimney tile installation
  • • Masonry installation and repair services

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    Proud to be sponsoring our local community

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